A tool for the community

ReviewMC is a project aimed at helping the Minecraft community by listing suppliers and customers to give an overall opinion before each service request.

ReviewMC was originally called BlacklistMC. BlacklistMC was created in 2018, which initially was to list builders who steal maps, customers who scam, customers who don't pay for their order, in short anything to do with the field of construction on minecraft. In short, it was created for all the bad people in the construction industry, to help construction teams recruit new builders for their teams.

In 2020, we diversified into everything to do with the minecraft community, including server hackers, card thieves, construction and development crooks and much more. Anything bad you've experienced because of someone in the minecraft community can be put on our site, with proof of course.

Then, in 2023, BlacklistMC became ReviewMC. Its aim is to reference most minecraft commissions, whatever their field, for good or ill, to help customers and service providers find the most qualified person for their needs more quickly. Here are just a few examples of how this service can help

  • Put the spotlight on people who do good work!
  • Serious customers will also be listed for service providers wishing to become professional in Minecraft.
  • Thanks to our API, you can use the data on this site for your services free of charge.

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